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The Faith Of Christ

The faith life is the very life of the Son of God… the life I now live in the flesh I live by the faith of the Son of God who loves me and gave Himself up for me, Paul says in Galatians 2 verse 20.

Before the coming of Jesus into the world some 2000 years ago, no man saw God, knew how He truly is; understood His nature, attitudes and dispositions. The Jews that were as it were in covenant relationship with Him did not fully comprehend who He is; they had a vague and blurred representation of God. They knew Him as a God of wrath, anger and justice. It was not a true conception of God

The History Maker

Then came Jesus of Nazareth in history, God made flesh, the God of the Old Testament, the covenant God of the Jews in human form, to our level and earthly arena, so that we can know Him, feel Him and truly comprehend God’s attitude, love, compassion and disposition. (See John 1:14 and18).

He came to reveal God as a Father and not as a tyrant. His walk, work and words were all a direct reflection and representation of the Father God. One of such characters of God that this God in the flesh showed us was His faith. By faith we know the worlds were framed by the word of God… (See Hebrews 11:3); this very Jesus was even the word of God, the creative, dominating, quickening word of God (See John 1:1-3, Hebrews 1:1-3).

He Showed Us What God’s Faith’s Like

This Jesus came showing us the faith of God, the operation of the faith of God specifically through the use of words. We saw Him did everything He did by the spoken word. To the sick He’d say “Take up your bed and walk; Stretch out your hand; Be cleansed; Open your ears and see; Go show yourselves to the priest; Go home, the demon has gone out of your child…” He spoke to dead limbs and they came alive, He spoke to dead people: “Lazarus, come out; Talitha cumi (little girl arise); Young man I say to you arise,” and they all came back to life. The living and the dead heard His voice and they came back to life again. He has not changed.

He spoke to trees and they die, He spoke to wind and water and waves and they quiet down, He spoke to fish and bread and they multiplied; He ruled creation again (now in a human body as He did in the creation of the world) through His spoken word-this is the faith of God. We are to imitate Him.

Operating The Faith Life

He did all that to show us how the faith life operates or how to walk by faith. He never did anything that was beyond us; for He himself said: They that believe in me, the works that I do they shall do also and even greater works because I go to my Father (See John 14:12). He came to show us God and the original dream of God in Adam before the fall (See 1 Cor. 15:45-49). All that He said and did in His earth walk was a picture of God’s true dream in man; what and how God intended humans to live and walk. Then He died, put away our sins (that hidden muster that had deterred man from being the dream of God) by the sacrifice of Himself, so that God can now again recreate man, by forgiven his sins and setting Him right with Himself and then indwelt man again by His Spirit like He did in Eden when He breath into Adam His Life-the breath or spirit of Life.

Living God’s Dream

Now the dream of God is relived again in everyone who believes in Jesus, and that person with a dose of the life (the Holy Spirit) of God in him or her can do and live the faith life of God operative through THE SPOKEN WORD. Jesus by His words and actions showed us how to walk by faith, and now by the same Holy Spirit that was on Him to walk that way, we can mimic Him; we can do as He did.

Not Mechanics But By the Spirit

The faith walk is not a rigor or learning of a set of rules, but a normal way of life when we understand who we are in Christ and when we are on a daily and constant basis fellowshipping the Father in the word and in prayer by the help of the Spirit of God in us.

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“Do You Really Love Me?”

“But why do you always ask me if I really love you,” said Stanley to his wife of 2 years. “If I do not love you, I don’t think I’ll marry you. Or is this your question something beyond the surface? “Do you really love me?”, shouldn’t be the question at this level in our relationship,” Stanley affirms to his wife again that Sunday morning. “We have got to move past the level of asking question about love and then get to some other serious issues,” Stanley reaffirmed to his questioning wife.

What Love Means to a Woman

I know your wife may have also asked you that question a bundle of time. And you are like; why this question all the time. But come to think of it; do you really love her? There is something in a woman that craves for love. I mean, she just wants to hear you say you love her over and over again. I bet you telling her you love her means the world to her. You love her because you said so.

Never Tired of Hearing It     

Hey, your wife will never get tired of hearing you say you love her. She wants to hear it morning, afternoon and evening. Yes, she knows you love her but saying it is what re-establishes it in her. Do you know that she is swayed by what you say than by what you do? So keep saying “I love you” to your wife.” So if she asks you this question again say tomorrow morning: “do you really love me?” Just say, yes, I do always and always love you.”

Say It If You Mean It

I want you to get to know this: your wife gets your commitment of love and the reassurance of that commitment when you tell her that you love her. That’s the basic reason she always asks: “Do you really love me?” So just know that you are building her trust and confidence level whenever you answer her question of “do you really love me.” So never you keep mute anytime in answer to that question.

Is She Still Fascinating to you?

Your wife wants to know whether she’s still that sweet girl you love some 3 years ago. Now that she has bore you some two little kids, she still wants to be sure and be doubly sure that she still catches your attention. She wants to be sure she hasn’t lost shape so much so that you now long for younger ladies outside. So to stay secure in your heart, she will always and again ask: “Do you really love me?”

What’s Really Your Answer?

Hey man; do you really love your wife? Now that she has added weight, do you still love her? Now that her body is no longer as firm as when you just married her, do you still love her? Man, no matter what, always make your answer a resounding yes: “I love you and always will.” Love is an undying commitment and not a wobbling feeling.

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Created By Default

This talk that my husband is my head is getting in my nerves. Am I inferior to him by being a woman? I can’t even believe the church is that serious about the headship of man; it looks like that’s all that pastors have to say today in teaching about marriage.

Submit, submit, and submit to your head, that’s all they have to say. Why is somebody not telling my husband to submit too? I suppose we are 50/50 in this thing, how does he become superior in any way that I must come down and submit to him. We are in the marriage together, so none of us should get the better deal than the other. We are the same, created equal and by the same God.

Truth Be Told

Yea, I know some of you are familiar with that. You have heard such agitation from one or two wives before now. But truth be told: we were all created by default. Woman, you were made the way you are by God. Your husband didn’t plan in eternity to be a man. He didn’t have a choice of whether to be a man or a woman. That was just the manufacturer’s design. He was created by default too.

You are God’s masterpiece, his design, created by default. You can’t question Him. He is the sovereign manufacturer. No product ever questions it producer; the best the product does is to be what it was created for-to serve the manufacturer’s purpose.

Desirable to Look Upon

Hey woman, you are God’s best. He knows that you are better a woman than you will be a man. He has fashioned everything in you that makes for a successful product. Come to think of it, the woman is God’s climax of creation. You are an amazing design. God made man roughened as it were with no desirable edges. But you (the woman) was built and crafted of God from a high tech raw material. Look at the way you are. Your curves, your walk, your talk, your entire formation… is something to behold. No man walks pass you and not have a second and a seventh look. Common, you are the most desirable of God’s creation catalog. Man was molded and squeezed into shape by God. But you, not that way! You were skillfully built, the climax and perfection of God’s creation. You are wonder, woman!

Never Figured Out

It has taken man thousands of years to try to figure you out, but all his attempts have failed. That’s because you are such a mystery. He was sleeping when God crafted you, so how can he possibly figure you out. How can he figure out the climax of heaven’s exhibition!

Accept Yourself, Take Your Place, Stay In Order

Oh diva, you are the best. Accept yourself and your place. Don’t worry about being a woman, it is the best you can be. Stop struggling with the manufacture for making you what you are. Just go and fulfill purpose.

Your husband is your head only now that you are married to him. That’s for purposes of order. God creates order and orderliness, and that’s just what He intends by that. If you were not joined with him (your husband) in marriage, you will not have to worry about someone being your head, except that you are under the authority of your father. But daddy only transferred that right through the bride price. He just reassigned you in the best order.

You see, there is always someone to protect you, your dad or your husband. What a cared-for creation! Created by default!


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This Is Not the Woman I Married!

He couldn’t believe his eyes. It has been building up for some days now, but just this faithful morning, Angelopee (Kelvin’s pet name for his wife Angela) couldn’t hold back. She gave it to Kelvin in the most degrading manner Kelvin has ever seen in his life.

He was not a street boy and never grew up in the street and so was never used to vulgarism. They were both Christians, they met in church and married in church. Angela’s dad is the pastor of the church they both attend and where they wedded a few months ago.

Couldn’t Believe It

But Kelvin was in shock. Just a little misunderstanding and there was Angela, calling Kelvin every dirty name that the world has invented. “You are a hopeless man, frustrated, fool, idiot…” just the few names Kelvin could remember. Kelvin could not believe it. It was strange. How could my wife, born again and Spirit filled call me names, such names? She never insulted me one day all the time we dated and courted, Kelvin quibbles. For days, Kelvin could not recover from those words and the shocker that it brought to him.

The Truth About Marriage

Well, marriage is a lot. Attitudes, reactions, pressures and frustrations can make your spouse to say some things that you ordinarily will never believe he or she can say. The truth is that women are quick with name calling in marriage. Perhaps, the hopes and expectation they had about you are really not showcasing the way they had articulated them.

Your wife is still to recover from the disappointments your person has brought on her. She thought too much of you before she said “I do,” but only to discover that all of those things are just never close to who you really are. She is disappointed and trying to cope with the real you. She is struggling inside and may never tell you.

And then you keep at her as the man of the house, wanting to be in charge, to call the shots and run things at home. Plus that, you are telling her to cook your food, do some chores when you want them done, to wash and to iron your cloths when she no longer sees you as the hero that she once admires! That’s why she lost it. She couldn’t hold it. She called you what she has just seen in you.

Why Is My Wife Doing This

Well, she is not justified, she shouldn’t be. Get it; she is just reacting. That’s not who she really is. She doesn’t know that people are not always what they claim to be. Not until you come close, you might never know. Marriage is the best place to prove who people really are. She may never have known this.

Your Real Husband

Woman, your husband is not a hero; he is your baby, your first child. He will grow up. He is learning may be for the first time what it means to be in authority as it were and may never really know that his wife is not a thing but a person-a real person. He too is having to come to terms with the reality of being a husband and a man. It may never have dawned on him until he got married.

You may not know this: real men cry a day after they wedded. Same way women cry after their wedding. One (woman) cries because she is leaving her family and friends for a totally new world. The other cry, because he is faced with a new challenge, the reality of life has just dawned on him. He doesn’t know what the future holds. He is afraid. You have to understand this and help him.

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He Is Not The Man I Think He Is

Marriages are part of our social strata. Church is one of such stratum. In short, the very foundation of our churches is the family. And the foundation for families is marriage. So marriages are especially church things.

You may wonder what is happening in Christian marriages today. Nobody wants to come out and say it the way it is. But the truth is that a lot happens in there that you may want to know.

A Wife’s Ordeal

A little after one month into a marriage, Stephanie came complaining to her pastor that the brother (now her husband) she thinks fell from heaven, is no longer that way. “He never shouted at me all through our dating and courtship period. He was everything gentle and fruit of the Spirit. He was loving, caring and would never hurt a fly. But now, just 30 days after marriage, he is beginning to shout at me. He even threatened to slap me if I dare flaunt his orders again. What could have come on the man I love so dearly,” the newly wedded and broken-hearted Stephanie said as she stares with a look of confusion  at the pastor’s face.

The Truth

Here’s the truth. He is still the same person you know. But marriage has a way of bringing the very truth about us to the open. Any man can tell you that he is a gentle man and may have even proven that to you all the while you courted. But the truth is that reality has set in. Pressures of life and marriage have come. And perhaps, you the woman are beginning to display your true color. He might be as surprised at you as you are as surprised at him. He is changing and adjusting the same way you are.

Get it straight, there are pressures in marriage. It comes at all of us to prove our vows and love. But what we make of them when they come is what matters in the long run. Your husband still loves you Stephanie, why don’t you just talk with him about his actions and also ask him to tell you what you are doing that he doesn’t like. Let him tell you what you are doing that is making him react the way he now reacts to you.

I Thought I Married an Angel

Ok, he’s Holy Ghost filled right, but he still has feelings. He may never have been able to master anger. And marriage will really bring out that anger in him. That shouldn’t come to you as a surprise. You too have issues with your character that is yet to be fully yielded to the Holy Spirit. Perhaps, you may not know that your mouth as a woman is your number one and greatest blessing in your marriage and it is also the most dangerous weapon in tearing down your marriage. So, how do you talk to him?

You didn’t marry an angel. He never fell from heaven. He is human and that humanness in him is what is coming to the open. But you can deal with it if you give in to the Spirit of God, who God gave the Christian to help him or her.


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