My name is Amos, I am a dissatisfied Christian writer, editor and blogger. I express my displeasure through writing.

I feel particularly obligated to inform you of the things that are happening in church today. I mean many things happen in the house of God-marriage things, dating things, praise things, soul winning and evangelism things, healing things, business things, technical (technological) things and even social things like sports, dances, movies… Oh you should know what’s happening in church.

More so, I feel troubled when Christians don’t know what they are supposed to know about things that are trendy in the world today. I feel really bad when I see Christians who do not know that the business and technology world does not just belong to what they call “the world and its people,” but that these things are God’s wisdom for the Christian to ride on and have Jesus preached in their business through technological advancement.

I want that to change.

Do you crave a paradigm in the way the Christian who God has actually given the world to, thinks in terms of the WORLD itself? Then you have spotted the right blog on the internet that is solely dedicated to the enlightening and equipping of today’s Christian to the reality of today’s world.

I am a Christian, I live in this world. I believe that God has given us the tool of Business and Technology for  the good and advancement of His kingdom.

Let us see how we can harnesses these tools to make the world a better place and to effectively propagate the gospel of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

But fore most, I will be bringing you information and updates of the day to day happenings in the body-church.