The faith life is the very life of the Son of God… the life I now live in the flesh I live by the faith of the Son of God who loves me and gave Himself up for me, Paul says in Galatians 2 verse 20.

Before the coming of Jesus into the world some 2000 years ago, no man saw God, knew how He truly is; understood His nature, attitudes and dispositions. The Jews that were as it were in covenant relationship with Him did not fully comprehend who He is; they had a vague and blurred representation of God. They knew Him as a God of wrath, anger and justice. It was not a true conception of God

The History Maker

Then came Jesus of Nazareth in history, God made flesh, the God of the Old Testament, the covenant God of the Jews in human form, to our level and earthly arena, so that we can know Him, feel Him and truly comprehend God’s attitude, love, compassion and disposition. (See John 1:14 and18).

He came to reveal God as a Father and not as a tyrant. His walk, work and words were all a direct reflection and representation of the Father God. One of such characters of God that this God in the flesh showed us was His faith. By faith we know the worlds were framed by the word of God… (See Hebrews 11:3); this very Jesus was even the word of God, the creative, dominating, quickening word of God (See John 1:1-3, Hebrews 1:1-3).

He Showed Us What God’s Faith’s Like

This Jesus came showing us the faith of God, the operation of the faith of God specifically through the use of words. We saw Him did everything He did by the spoken word. To the sick He’d say “Take up your bed and walk; Stretch out your hand; Be cleansed; Open your ears and see; Go show yourselves to the priest; Go home, the demon has gone out of your child…” He spoke to dead limbs and they came alive, He spoke to dead people: “Lazarus, come out; Talitha cumi (little girl arise); Young man I say to you arise,” and they all came back to life. The living and the dead heard His voice and they came back to life again. He has not changed.

He spoke to trees and they die, He spoke to wind and water and waves and they quiet down, He spoke to fish and bread and they multiplied; He ruled creation again (now in a human body as He did in the creation of the world) through His spoken word-this is the faith of God. We are to imitate Him.

Operating The Faith Life

He did all that to show us how the faith life operates or how to walk by faith. He never did anything that was beyond us; for He himself said: They that believe in me, the works that I do they shall do also and even greater works because I go to my Father (See John 14:12). He came to show us God and the original dream of God in Adam before the fall (See 1 Cor. 15:45-49). All that He said and did in His earth walk was a picture of God’s true dream in man; what and how God intended humans to live and walk. Then He died, put away our sins (that hidden muster that had deterred man from being the dream of God) by the sacrifice of Himself, so that God can now again recreate man, by forgiven his sins and setting Him right with Himself and then indwelt man again by His Spirit like He did in Eden when He breath into Adam His Life-the breath or spirit of Life.

Living God’s Dream

Now the dream of God is relived again in everyone who believes in Jesus, and that person with a dose of the life (the Holy Spirit) of God in him or her can do and live the faith life of God operative through THE SPOKEN WORD. Jesus by His words and actions showed us how to walk by faith, and now by the same Holy Spirit that was on Him to walk that way, we can mimic Him; we can do as He did.

Not Mechanics But By the Spirit

The faith walk is not a rigor or learning of a set of rules, but a normal way of life when we understand who we are in Christ and when we are on a daily and constant basis fellowshipping the Father in the word and in prayer by the help of the Spirit of God in us.

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