“But why do you always ask me if I really love you,” said Stanley to his wife of 2 years. “If I do not love you, I don’t think I’ll marry you. Or is this your question something beyond the surface? “Do you really love me?”, shouldn’t be the question at this level in our relationship,” Stanley affirms to his wife again that Sunday morning. “We have got to move past the level of asking question about love and then get to some other serious issues,” Stanley reaffirmed to his questioning wife.

What Love Means to a Woman

I know your wife may have also asked you that question a bundle of time. And you are like; why this question all the time. But come to think of it; do you really love her? There is something in a woman that craves for love. I mean, she just wants to hear you say you love her over and over again. I bet you telling her you love her means the world to her. You love her because you said so.

Never Tired of Hearing It     

Hey, your wife will never get tired of hearing you say you love her. She wants to hear it morning, afternoon and evening. Yes, she knows you love her but saying it is what re-establishes it in her. Do you know that she is swayed by what you say than by what you do? So keep saying “I love you” to your wife.” So if she asks you this question again say tomorrow morning: “do you really love me?” Just say, yes, I do always and always love you.”

Say It If You Mean It

I want you to get to know this: your wife gets your commitment of love and the reassurance of that commitment when you tell her that you love her. That’s the basic reason she always asks: “Do you really love me?” So just know that you are building her trust and confidence level whenever you answer her question of “do you really love me.” So never you keep mute anytime in answer to that question.

Is She Still Fascinating to you?

Your wife wants to know whether she’s still that sweet girl you love some 3 years ago. Now that she has bore you some two little kids, she still wants to be sure and be doubly sure that she still catches your attention. She wants to be sure she hasn’t lost shape so much so that you now long for younger ladies outside. So to stay secure in your heart, she will always and again ask: “Do you really love me?”

What’s Really Your Answer?

Hey man; do you really love your wife? Now that she has added weight, do you still love her? Now that her body is no longer as firm as when you just married her, do you still love her? Man, no matter what, always make your answer a resounding yes: “I love you and always will.” Love is an undying commitment and not a wobbling feeling.

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