This talk that my husband is my head is getting in my nerves. Am I inferior to him by being a woman? I can’t even believe the church is that serious about the headship of man; it looks like that’s all that pastors have to say today in teaching about marriage.

Submit, submit, and submit to your head, that’s all they have to say. Why is somebody not telling my husband to submit too? I suppose we are 50/50 in this thing, how does he become superior in any way that I must come down and submit to him. We are in the marriage together, so none of us should get the better deal than the other. We are the same, created equal and by the same God.

Truth Be Told

Yea, I know some of you are familiar with that. You have heard such agitation from one or two wives before now. But truth be told: we were all created by default. Woman, you were made the way you are by God. Your husband didn’t plan in eternity to be a man. He didn’t have a choice of whether to be a man or a woman. That was just the manufacturer’s design. He was created by default too.

You are God’s masterpiece, his design, created by default. You can’t question Him. He is the sovereign manufacturer. No product ever questions it producer; the best the product does is to be what it was created for-to serve the manufacturer’s purpose.

Desirable to Look Upon

Hey woman, you are God’s best. He knows that you are better a woman than you will be a man. He has fashioned everything in you that makes for a successful product. Come to think of it, the woman is God’s climax of creation. You are an amazing design. God made man roughened as it were with no desirable edges. But you (the woman) was built and crafted of God from a high tech raw material. Look at the way you are. Your curves, your walk, your talk, your entire formation… is something to behold. No man walks pass you and not have a second and a seventh look. Common, you are the most desirable of God’s creation catalog. Man was molded and squeezed into shape by God. But you, not that way! You were skillfully built, the climax and perfection of God’s creation. You are wonder, woman!

Never Figured Out

It has taken man thousands of years to try to figure you out, but all his attempts have failed. That’s because you are such a mystery. He was sleeping when God crafted you, so how can he possibly figure you out. How can he figure out the climax of heaven’s exhibition!

Accept Yourself, Take Your Place, Stay In Order

Oh diva, you are the best. Accept yourself and your place. Don’t worry about being a woman, it is the best you can be. Stop struggling with the manufacture for making you what you are. Just go and fulfill purpose.

Your husband is your head only now that you are married to him. That’s for purposes of order. God creates order and orderliness, and that’s just what He intends by that. If you were not joined with him (your husband) in marriage, you will not have to worry about someone being your head, except that you are under the authority of your father. But daddy only transferred that right through the bride price. He just reassigned you in the best order.

You see, there is always someone to protect you, your dad or your husband. What a cared-for creation! Created by default!


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