He couldn’t believe his eyes. It has been building up for some days now, but just this faithful morning, Angelopee (Kelvin’s pet name for his wife Angela) couldn’t hold back. She gave it to Kelvin in the most degrading manner Kelvin has ever seen in his life.

He was not a street boy and never grew up in the street and so was never used to vulgarism. They were both Christians, they met in church and married in church. Angela’s dad is the pastor of the church they both attend and where they wedded a few months ago.

Couldn’t Believe It

But Kelvin was in shock. Just a little misunderstanding and there was Angela, calling Kelvin every dirty name that the world has invented. “You are a hopeless man, frustrated, fool, idiot…” just the few names Kelvin could remember. Kelvin could not believe it. It was strange. How could my wife, born again and Spirit filled call me names, such names? She never insulted me one day all the time we dated and courted, Kelvin quibbles. For days, Kelvin could not recover from those words and the shocker that it brought to him.

The Truth About Marriage

Well, marriage is a lot. Attitudes, reactions, pressures and frustrations can make your spouse to say some things that you ordinarily will never believe he or she can say. The truth is that women are quick with name calling in marriage. Perhaps, the hopes and expectation they had about you are really not showcasing the way they had articulated them.

Your wife is still to recover from the disappointments your person has brought on her. She thought too much of you before she said “I do,” but only to discover that all of those things are just never close to who you really are. She is disappointed and trying to cope with the real you. She is struggling inside and may never tell you.

And then you keep at her as the man of the house, wanting to be in charge, to call the shots and run things at home. Plus that, you are telling her to cook your food, do some chores when you want them done, to wash and to iron your cloths when she no longer sees you as the hero that she once admires! That’s why she lost it. She couldn’t hold it. She called you what she has just seen in you.

Why Is My Wife Doing This

Well, she is not justified, she shouldn’t be. Get it; she is just reacting. That’s not who she really is. She doesn’t know that people are not always what they claim to be. Not until you come close, you might never know. Marriage is the best place to prove who people really are. She may never have known this.

Your Real Husband

Woman, your husband is not a hero; he is your baby, your first child. He will grow up. He is learning may be for the first time what it means to be in authority as it were and may never really know that his wife is not a thing but a person-a real person. He too is having to come to terms with the reality of being a husband and a man. It may never have dawned on him until he got married.

You may not know this: real men cry a day after they wedded. Same way women cry after their wedding. One (woman) cries because she is leaving her family and friends for a totally new world. The other cry, because he is faced with a new challenge, the reality of life has just dawned on him. He doesn’t know what the future holds. He is afraid. You have to understand this and help him.

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